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Replacement Dwelling - Aberdesach, Gwynedd


The Client approached BDS Gwynedd to design a new house on the footprint of their existing dwelling in Aberdesach. The existing dwelling had been standing for decades and fufill its purpose well-beyond. The proposed dwelling was designed so that it could be constructed using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) technology.  The Client wanted to highlight the many benefits of using this sustainable and dynamic construction technology, as a high performance building system. The design uses Nudura ICF. It consist of strong yet lightweight, interlocking, flame-retardent polystyrene forms, which are filled with ready mixed concrete. This technology enables creative design features and freeform shapes. The super-insulated solid concrete walls can be clad in a range of finishes, including stone, brick, rendering and cladding which was used on this scheme to replicate a shaq near the sea. ICF's dramatic reduction in build time and cost, alongside both energy saving and safety advantages, is making the construction method more popular in the UK.


Replacement Dwelling Replacement Dwelling Replacement Dwelling Replacement Dwelling
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