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Listed Buildings & Conservation

BDS Gwynedd and Adfer Conservation have recently teamed together to provide a ‘one shop service’ for prospective clients. Between BDS Gwynedd providing unique specialised architectural services with experience in building control and Adfer Conservation providing experience in heritage planning law. We can identify the constraints and opportunities that are specific to your scheme early on so that they can be mitigated from the start, saving you time, money, and unnecessary friction with the local planning authority. By engaging with heritage issues from the beginning rather than ignoring them, you will be in a better position to put forward a scheme which is not only higher quality, but more likely to achieve successful Planning Permission and/or Listed Building Consent.

Experienced Heritage Building Professionals

For individual clients, some may consider tackling a Listed Building Consent application on their own, as many schemes can be relatively straightforward. However, even the most straightforward applications can be delayed or refused on heritage grounds that they had not previously considered. Having an experienced heritage professional on board to provide advice along the way and engage with the local planning authority on your behalf can be the difference between a successful outcome on the first try and having to spend extra time and money on an appeal application following a refusal, which could have been avoided.

BDS Gwynedd and Adfer Conservation have good working relationships with Building Control, Local Archaeological Trusts, Planning Officers, Conservation Officers, National Amenity Societies, as well as with Cadw and Historic England.

Adfer Conservation


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